Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blogtember: Who I Am

Since I have been having a hard time thinking of things to write about, I'm going to participate in Jenni's September blog challenge. She is providing prompts to write about for each weekday this month.

Tuesday, September 3rd: Describe what and where you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

My parents both grew up in Tennessee and went the University of Tennessee for college. They moved to Georgia two years before I was born. While I was born and raised in Georgia, I grew up going to Knoxville for UT games, loving orange and white and Smokey, hating the gators, knowing nothing stinks worse than Alabama, and that red and black
 is an unacceptable color combination. All these life lessons straight from my dad, of course.

Football was never the most important thing in our life though. God and family were our main focuses. My parents taught me about Jesus and His sacrificial love for me. They also made sure that we spent a lot of time together. We had dinner together every night, and they told me often that they love me! My dad would also remind me to "remember who I belong to" to encourage me to make decisions that would be honoring to God.

I definitely see parts of my parents in myself. I look very similar to my mom, but I do have my dad's thick eyebrows and I'm tall and thin like he is. I am very stubborn and like to talk just like my dad, but I am also shy and reserved and a worrier like my mom.

Nana and Papa, my mom's parents, have also played a large part in who I am.  During my elementary school years, I spent summer days at their house. My brother and I would bake with Nana, and all four of us would go on adventures. During my high school years they moved into our basement and up until after I went away to college we had lunch at their table every Sunday after church. Nana inspired my love for baking. Papa was the best listener with a great sense of humor. Their love for Jesus and the way they served those around them taught me so much about ministry. 

I believe my parents and grandparents played the biggest role in shaping who I am today, but I would also say that Jason has played a role too. He challenges me to think outside the box and get outside of my comfort zone. Jason has taught me to be more open and accepting of everyone. Because of him, I have friends who are more like family.

So that's a little about me, and the five people who have shaped me.


  1. I see you in both your parents, but definitely your mother. They must be so proud of you!

    I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to getting to know you better via Blogtember.

  2. PS - Do you know the song that goes with the scripture you have at the top of your blog? Now I can't stop singing it! :~)

    1. I don't know that song! I will have to look into it. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. so why is red and black an unacceptable colour combination?? It's one of my favorites! Great post! It's fantastic your grandparents were in your life!

    1. University of Georgia's colors are red and black, and UGA is a big rival of UT! I loved having my grandparents so close to us!