Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

Our busy weekend has come to an end.

Friday morning I made pancakes for breakfast before Ramsey headed back to North Carolina.

After Ramsey left, Jason and I took Daisy and Scarlett to the vet to get their nails clipped. Jason took our picture before we left. Daisy was in my lap, and Scarlett decided she wanted to be in my lap too!

Jason and I ran some more errands in the afternoon, then we got ready for dinner. I made corn casserole and another blackberry cobbler (my fourth of the summer!). We had dinner at my parents' house with Charles, MC, Aunt Pat, and Uncle Wayne. 

Saturday morning we had MC's baby shower. I didn't get many pictures, but fortunately one of MC's friends is a photographer and she took lots of photos for us!

MC and baby C got all kinds of goodies!
I had to get a picture of these petit fours also. They were so cute with the blue booties on top!

Aunt Pat and Uncle Wayne headed back home Saturday afternoon, but we were able to spend some time with them after the shower. After a little break we headed to baby shower number 2 of the day. My friend, April (who I have known since preschool!), is having a baby girl. She and her baby also got lots of goodies! I have to say, baby girl things are just so cute! I was definitely exhausted by the time a got home.

Sunday morning, Jason and I went to church then had lunch together. It was a gorgeous day, not super hot and with a nice breeze, so we decided to go out on the lake. We also took the pups with us. Daisy loves going out on the boat, but this was Scarlett's first trip. She did really well riding in the boat, but she did not want to go swimming. When we tried to put her in the water she would immediately try to climb back out. She was terrified! Daisy did a little swimming though. She will swim to Jason and then swim back to the boat.

Scarlett hanging out on the boat.
There were lots of sail boats out today!

Sunday evening, Jason's cousin and his fiancé came over for dinner. Jason is marrying them in October, so we worked on their ceremony order and also did a little budgeting exercise.

Monday is here, so it's back to work for both of us. It was really nice having Jason off last week while I was off! Hope y'all have a great week!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sweet Summer

Well, it's been another busy off week so far.
This summer has certainly flown by, but it has been a good one.

Our friend, Ramsey, has been in town this week from North Carolina. Monday night some friends invited us all over for dinner. We had some delicious food cooked on the Big Green Egg, and then had dessert at a place called Spoonful of Heaven. We had fried Oreos and fried cheesecake!

Tuesday morning we were up bright and early for this months mobile food bank with iServe. It was a rainy morning, but we still had a good turn out for volunteers. Jason's parents always come up to help us out, so we were able to have lunch with them afterwards. 

I made a lasagna with salad for dinner on Tuesday night. My parents and our friend, David, came over and we all ate together. 

After all the kitchen clean up, I looked out the back to see this wonderful view.

A gorgeous summer sunset sky!

On Wednesday Jason, Ramsey, and David went four-wheeling. I took the day to get the house cleaned up and run a few errands.

This morning we got up and headed down to Jason's parent's house. His mom cooked us a big breakfast, then Jason and Ramsey helped Jason's dad with an old truck he's been working on. Daisy and Scarlett had a good time playing with their dogs, Bella and Sparky. We had two tired pups on our way back home.

Tonight we had a big family dinner at our favorite BBQ place. My Aunt Pat and Uncle Wayne are in town this weekend for MC's baby shower. They were able to come over after dinner to see our house and get the big tour.

The week isn't slowing down from here. We are supposed to go check out Baby C's nursery tomorrow and have dinner at my parent's house. Then Saturday is baby shower day. One for MC and one for my friend, April. A busy, but fun weekend ahead!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quality Time

It was another busy off week, but I did get to spend lots of quality time with friends and family.

Jason and I were able to have a couple of dates this week. 
Monday night we had an iServe meeting in a town nearby, so we had dinner and dessert there after our meeting. It was italian and frozen yogurt- so delicious!

Later in the week, Jason only worked half a day, so we had lunch together and did a little shopping at the mall. Sometimes I feel like I don't get to see Jason very often because our schedules are so different, so I was really excited to have these "dates" this week!

On Thursday, my dad and I played golf together. I'm not very good, but it was still fun. I probably hit the ball at least five times for every one time Dad hit the ball! We only played nine holes because the chance of rain was pretty high for the afternoon. It was definitely smart thinking because we hadn't been gone from the golf course five minutes when it started pouring down rain! Hopefully next time we will be able to play the full 18 holes.

Friday morning Mom and I went to the outlets to get some baby clothes. We have two baby showers coming up in a couple of weeks, so we were looking to get part of our gifts. I always have a good time shopping with my mom! After our shopping trip I had lunch with a good friend who I have known since preschool! We had a great time catching up.

Saturday we went to Tennessee with Mom and Dad. They are planning on moving there after they retire, so we went with them to check out a potential house. It was a longer trip than we expected, but we had a good time and got eat at one of our favorite restaurants up there.

It was a great week, but now it's back to work!