Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blogtember: Memory Lane

Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.

If I could relive any memory, I would go back to elementary school.
It would be a Sunday afternoon. We would get home from church, get changed, and head over to Nana and Papa's house.
Nana would have a huge spread cooked for us and my cousins, Stuart and Sandra, would be there too. Nana was the best cook, so everything would be delicious. Mom and Dad would have to keep telling Charles and I to eat exactly ten green beans. 
After talking and eating it would be time for dessert! We would have two desserts. Papa always got his own because his had to be sugar free. It was always good too though. If Nana made carrot cake, Charles and I wouldn't eat it even though everyone told us how good it was. When you're a kid carrot cake just sounds gross!
More important than the food, we would be having fun spending time together as a family.

I miss those family lunches on Sunday afternoons and Nana and Papa.
What memory would you relive?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful memory. :) Thanks fo sharing.

  2. Great memory for Blogtember!
    LINK UP on my blog today too! Xoxo


  3. This is such a lovely memory. A lot of my memories revolve around eating at my Nanna and Grandad's house. :-)

  4. What a sweet memory. It would be so nice to relive that time of life again, when everything was innocent and joyful! I love your blog!

  5. I feel ya on the carrot cake! I still think it's gross! Ha ha : ) Sounds like a fantastic memory. My family has a ton of memories involving food as well : )