Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Today is Daddy's birthday, but we celebrated on Saturday.
Charles and his fiancé came up so we could all have dinner together.
Daddy loves seafood (the rest of us do too!).
Since we couldn't go to our favorite restaurant in Destin, 
Jason and I made our crab cake recipe and cooked up some shrimp too.
We also had asparagus and mashed potatoes.
It was all yummy.

Then we had vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing for dessert!
Also yummy!

After dinner, Daddy opened his gifts!

He got some movies, candy, a sudoku book, a CD, and a book!
It was great to be able to celebrate all together!

Happy Birthday Daddy!
You are the best Daddy a girl could ask for.
I love you so much!!
I am so grateful that you taught me that Jesus is the One I need.
"The One You Need" by Shane and Shane

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