Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Road Trip to Maryland

My last week off we headed to Maryland to visit family. Charles and MC were able to meet us up there, so it truly was a family affair!

We all arrived on Wednesday afternoon/evening. After spending some time saying hello and catching up, we had a huge family dinner complete with lots of choices for dessert! The evening was spent chatting and playing with the littlest cousins.

We all had lunch together before splitting up on Thursday. All the girls went shopping at DSW and the Home Goods Store while the guys took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. We came back together for another delicious dinner and more family time!

All three wearing orange!
Friday, we went into Baltimore to check out Baltimore Harbor. It was a fun trip. We toured all four of the ships in the Harbor and had seafood at Phillips for lunch!

Downtown Baltimore
USS Constellation
The first boat we toured was the Constellation. This is the oldest ship in the harbor, and it was very interesting to see how small the doors and beds were and even how low the ceiling was! 

On the Constellation
While on the Constellation we were able to watch a presentation on the process off shooting off the cannon. Jason, Mom and MC were picked to help out!

Getting their instructions
The next ship was the Chesapeake, a lightship, but I apparently didn't take any pictures of the outside of it.  What I liked about it was the exhibit about different ship mascots over the years- all dogs! 

Then we went onto the submarine- USS Torsk. It was used in World War II. It was definitely very small quarters for those soldiers. These tours really made us appreciate those who serve in our military even more.

I called it the Shark Sub

Harbor View
The final ship was the USS Taney, a coast guard ship. This ship was actually in Pearl Harbor win the Japanese attacked.

USS Taney
Inside the USS Taney
This lighthouse was our last stop of the day. It used to be out in the Harbor. They used a crane to pick it up and move it where it is now!

We took some time for a couple of family photos while we were out!

With Aunt Pat

It was a great trip, and I am so thankful for the time we were able to spend with family!
Hopefully we will get back up to Maryland soon, but Jason said we are flying next time! :)

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