Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Visit From A Friend

Over the weekend, Jason's friend Ramsey came to visit us from North Carolina.
Since I was working we all had breakfast and dinner together, and Jason and Ramsey got to hang out while I was sleeping. We took Ramsey to all the restaurants he loves but doesn't have in his small town NC home. We even took him to a couple of our favorite local places!

We also introduced Ramsey to frozen yogurt. There are no frozen yogurt shops where he lives, which is hard to believe because we have so many to choose from! When Jason told me there was frozen yogurt at the Race Trac gas station, I thought it would be one of those soft serve machines with two flavors like they have at Golden Corral or something. I was so wrong! There were at lease ten flavors and all kinds of toppings! I couldn't believe it was inside the gas station. It was really yummy too!

It even has a name: Swirl World!
Ramsey also got to ride Jason's motorcycle for a couple of days which he really enjoyed!

Ramsey on the bike!
It was such a fun weekend with a great friend!

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