Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Celebration

Last week was my birthday. We did a couple of things to celebrate last weekend. Mom and I got our nails done, and Jason and I did some birthday shopping.

The real celebrating started on Monday though. Jason's parents and one of his nieces came up Monday. They made me a special birthday dinner along with some strawberry shortcake dessert. After dinner, we took Big Red for a spin on the lake. It was a really nice evening for a ride. We even took Daisy and Bella (Jason's mom's dog) along for the ride!

Daisy and the sunset
Tuesday was my actual birthday. We started the day off with the iServe food truck. Then we grabbed some breakfast and headed home. Our plan was to get ready and go to Athens for lunch and go to the Botanical Gardens. When we got ready to leave my car wouldn't start. Jason finally got it to start after doing some tinkering under the hood, but it made for a late start to our trip. 

We had a late lunch at Ted's Most Best. We had never been there before but had heard it was good. I even saw a blurb about it in Southern Living Magazine! We had a meatball slider appetizer, Caesar salad, and arugula pizza. Everything was delicious. It was such a beautiful day that we ate on their patio. 

On the patio
After lunch we walked over to GiGi's Cupcakes for dessert. I love those cupcakes! They were having a special so we ended up with 3 cupcakes. Yum!

Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Wedding Cake
Since we got a late start and had to be back home for dinner, we decided to skip the Botanical Gardens and come back another time. We did have time for a quick stop at The Loft, and I got some new clothes as part of my birthday gift from Jason. 

That night we had dinner with my family at a local restaurant called Antebellum. The restaurant has a really cool atmosphere and the food was delicious too. I had the shrimp and grits.

Outside the restaurant
Shrimp and grits
We didn't get dessert because we had cake waiting for us at home, but I definitely want to go back for dessert. The dessert menu looked great!

Mom and Charles made me a hummingbird cake which was delicious! Charles took the time to put 26 candles on the cake. I tried to blow them all out but only got 22. Must mean I'm still just 22 instead of 26! :) 

Birthday cake
It took all 3 of us to cut the cake!
After cake I opened my gifts and we took a new family photo. Only one is missing- sweet Scarlett. Hopefully, she will be able to visit my parents soon. She has been doing very well with her potty training!!

It was a great birthday! I'm very thankful to have spent it with the ones I love!

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