Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Over the weekend, Jason and I along with some friends went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Our friends had never been to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, so it was our opportunity to show them around!
Unfortunately, I left my camera at home, so I don't have many pictures...

Jason and I headed up on Friday morning. It was not great traveling weather-very cold and raining/sleeting. We made it to our cabin a little before dinner. Our friends left after work, so Jason and I were able to have dinner together at Calhoun's and relax at the cabin before they arrived. We had a pool table in our cabin so we played guys against girls but the guys kept winning!

These bears were on the rafters in the cabin
Saturday morning we hung around the cabin until it warmed up. There was a good possibility of ice on the roads, so we wanted to give it a chance to melt some. We went to downtown Gatlinburg to walk around all the shops. We had lunch at a place called Blaine's and checked out lots of little shops. I went in every candy store to see what each one had and ended up getting some chocolate mint patties and divinity from the first one we stopped at! We also found a moonshine distillery in downtown Gatlinburg! Jason was pretty excited; he has been watching that show Moonshiners and thinks the entire process is really interesting. They had it all set up where you could see each step.

It was, of course, a legal distillery!
Part of the Still
After walking around Gatlinburg all afternoon, we headed over to Pigeon Forge. Jason and I are already out of the apple butter we bought in October, so we had to stop back by the Apple Barn to pick up a couple more jars. Then, we ate dinner at the Applewoood Farmhouse. Yum!

Sunday morning after breakfast we headed back home. It was a nice weekend away!

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