Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Long Weekend

Last weekend Jason and I decided to take a couple of days and go camping in North Carolina.
We have friends in Andrews and Robbinsville, so we figured we could visit everyone too! Our friends in Robbinsville have a youth camp/retreat center called Whisper Mountain. It just so happens that Whisper Mountain also has a camper hook up, so that's where we made our home.

We loaded up and headed to Robbinsville on Thursday afternoon. We made it to Whisper Mountain a little after 6, and it was pouring down rain! Fortunately, the rain didn't last long, and we were able to get the camper unhooked from the truck and hooked up to the water and electricity without getting soaked. 

Our home away from home
After saying hello to everyone, we went into town to get something to eat at one of the local restaurants, Lynn's Place. We heard it was the best place in town, and it was really good!

After dinner we spent some time with our friend, Ramsey. He and Jason played video games while I tried, unsuccessfully, to keep my eyes open!

On Friday we had breakfast at Whisper Mountain and got to see some beautiful views of the sun coming up over the mountains. Some turkeys showed up on the field at camp too!

The toms were trying to impress the ladies!
Then we headed to Andrews to visit Brandon and Jenny and the kids. We took Tatham Gap which is a gravel road through the mountain instead of going around the mountain on the paved road.

It was a beautiful drive. Everything was green and flowers were in bloom!

These flowers were everywhere!
The view coming into Andrews
In Andrews we ran errands and hung out with Jenny and the kids and their new puppy. Later in the afternoon we headed back to Whisper Mountain. There Jason got to work on the bulldozer to scrape one of their gravel roads. It had been washed out by the rain. For dinner we tried another local restaurant. It was good too, but we liked Lynn's Place better!

Saturday morning we went to Lake Santeetlah. Jason and most of the others jumped off a big rock and a bridge. I just watched! The lake was beautiful. It was surrounded by mountains!

Lake Santeetlah
After the lake, we headed back to Andrews. We had dinner with Brandon and Jenny and the kids before heading back home.

View from the restaurant in Andrews.
Gorgeous sky, almost back home!
We got back home Saturday night to be home for Father's Day.
Sunday we went to church with my family (Charles and MC came too!), then grilled out for lunch.

Daddy and I
Homemade peach cobbler for dessert.
We went down to Jason's parents' house for dinner and to hang out with his dad. We are very thankful to have such wonderful father's and families!

We had a great long weekend. I am hopeful for a few more long weekends during the summer!

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  1. Wow. Those views are amazing!! I wish we lived close enough to go somewhere like that. And seriously, I need that peach cobbler right now. Haha.