Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Problem, Mon

In St. Lucia we heard "Good vibes" a lot, 
but in Jamaica everyone likes to say "No problem, Mon" or No worries, Mon".

Wednesday after breakfast we headed over to the seaside of the resort to go snorkeling. We got over there a few minutes early, so we played Jenga in one of the lounges.

The water in Jamaica is so clear! Even though the reef was probably about 10 or 15 feet below the surface, we could still see a lot of the details pretty well. We saw some pretty cool looking fish. I liked the neon blue ones the best. Jason liked one that had a blue head and a big yellow stripe around it. (We forgot to get a waterproof camera again, so we don't have any pictures!) The Sandals staff picked up a couple of sea urchins while we were out and let us take turns holding them on the way back. They were sharp! We just rested them in our palms and it left a couple of marks!

After snorkeling, we hung out around the beach for awhile waiting for our glass bottom boat ride.

Beautiful water
View from the pier
The glass bottom boat ride was pretty cool too. We were able to see more of the reef and more fish. And we got a little tour of our area of the island.

Glass bottom boat
For lunch we went to Mariner's and had coconut shrimp. It was so good that we ate there a couple more times later in the week!

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the pool.

Beautiful afternoon sky
For dinner we went to Reef Terrace. It was an outside restaurant with more beautiful views of the water. They served authentic Jamaican cuisine. I tried the ackee- a fruit that is poisonous until it opens naturally. Jason had it when he was in Jamaica two summers ago on a mission trip. It doesn't taste like scrambled eggs, but it looks them and has that same consistency. I liked the coca bread better. Yum!

Flowers next to our table
Ready to eat
View from our table

Another view as the sun was setting

Later that night there was a chocolate buffet on the hillside of the resort. There were all kinds of chocolate treats and some chocolate fondue! It was a delicious dessert!

Chocolate sculpture
We went to sleep excited about going to Dunn's River Falls on Thursday!

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