Friday, May 11, 2012

Charles's Graduation Weekend

Last weekend my brother graduated from college! 
The weekend was filled with graduation and wedding festivities.
Here is the recap:

We loaded up and headed out on Friday night because graduation was early on Saturday.
Bags loaded in the car
We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner and found this tote for $1.00! 
Mom and I both got one.
Looks just like Daisy Duke!
We stayed about 45 minutes away from Milledgeville because all the hotels were booked up! We had to get up very, very early, but we did get to see a gorgeous sunrise when we got on the road!
Start of a beautiful day

When we got to Milledgeville, we were off to graduation!
All the graduates waiting to be seated
We had a nice fan since everything was outside!
Finally, Charles's name was called!
This the best picture I could get.
I love all the old buildings at Georgia College
After graduation, we found Charles and made some pictures!
The Graduate
Charles and MC
Mom and I with Charles
Charles and I
Jason and I
Proud Parents
It was a beautiful day!

Another building
After Graduation, we went to Charles's apartment for lunch. He cooked up some delicious BLT's, fruit salad, and cupcakes! We went to check out the church where Charles and MC are getting married after lunch.
The Church
It's only 2 weeks until they will be married there!
After visiting the church, we checked into our new hotel in Milledgeville and took a nap before we all headed to dinner in Macon. Charles chose Cheddar's to celebrate his graduation.

Sunday morning we slept in because we were exhausted from getting up so early Saturday.
After lunch at the Pickle Barrel Cafe and a Starbucks run, we headed to Charles and MC's family shower. It was hosted by MC's mother's family. We found the house and there were dairy cows watching us pull up the drive!
And more cows!
We had some refreshments and mingling and played a game before it was time for Charles and MC to open gifts. They got a lot of good stuff for their future home!
Floor Lamp
New family
It was another beautiful day!

After the shower we headed home. 
It was a wonderful celebration weekend!
Congratulations Charles!

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