Monday, February 20, 2012

The Biltmore

Our weekend in Asheville was a fun getaway! 
We were able to take a long weekend with some close friends to relax and visit the Biltmore Estate.

We headed out on Friday around lunch time and got to Asheville just before dinner. After checking out our villa, we decided to get some dinner. 
We went to Luella's Barbecue

Waiting on our table!
The food was really good!
After dinner we checked out the mall and rented a movie for the house. 

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Biltmore Estate. It was snowing a little bit when we left the house, but by the time we got to the Biltmore it had picked up and was starting to accumulate on the grass. It was gorgeous!

 Traveling down the 3 mile driveway to the house!
When we arrived at the house, we started the audio tour. It fascinates me that when he built this house, Mr. Vanderbilt was only 33 years old! And single! I can't imagine building such a huge house just for myself!

We got to hear a lot of interesting information on the tour, and the inside of the house is beautiful as well! Of course they don't let you take pictures inside though!

After the tour we took some pictures and decided to go get something to eat before checking out the rest of the property.

The whole house!
We went into town for lunch and ate at this awesome place, the Village Wayside Bar and Grille.
The food was great!
While we were in town, we also drove by the church that the Vanderbilt's supported, All Souls Church. They are still holding services.

After lunch we headed back to the Bilmore Estates to check out the winery and the farm area.
Beautiful views

Inside the winery 
They even had John Deere tractors back then!
 Jason liked the John Deere tractors!
 They had a carpentry shop and this man was making a leaf from an iron rod!
We even stopped to see the animals at the petting zoo. They were just as cold as we were, so we didn't stay long!!

After the busy day of touring, we had dinner at the Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company. Then came back to the house to relax and watch another movie!

On Sunday morning it was time to head home. Since we didn't have to be back at any certain time, we took the scenic route. We drove some of the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped in Bryson City. We saw a lot of ice on the rocks and a lot of beautiful views!

We would definitely recommend Asheville as a getaway spot. I would love to go back to the Biltmore in the spring or fall just to see all the gardens and walk some of the trails on the property!

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