Monday, June 13, 2011

Study Break!

I have literally been studying ALL day for my next licensing test! So I am taking a break to update about the next day of our honeymoon! :)

We slept in after all the excitement from the Joe Knows tour the day before! After breakfast we headed to the pool. We decided not to do aquacise and just relax. Then we decided to get in on the beach games for the day. Two other couples played with us so for the first two games we did boys against girls. Unfortunately the boys won both times. First we played bocci ball. Then horse shoes. Horse shoes was a close one, the girls almost won! The final game was cricket. The "playmakers" at the resort had to teach us how to play. It was pretty fun though! :)

Jason relaxing by the pool.
Playing bocci ball.

Cricket! Jason is the pitcher (they call it something else though)
After cricket we headed to lunch and spent the afternoon in the pool. It's so hot in St. Lucia that you have to get in the pool! 

For dinner we went to one of the other resorts, Sandals La Toc. We took a shuttle over there. It wasn't too far away, only 15 minutes. We went to the French restaurant, also called La Toc. It was definitely one of the best meals we had in St. Lucia. And we even got to have creme brulee for dessert; it's one of my favorites!

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