Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Month

Today it has been exactly one month since Jason and I got married! We are going to celebrate tonight with dinner at our favorite restaurant, Outback :) We also have an interview with a church tonight for a potential part time youth minister position. We would love your prayers about that.

Also to celebrate I'm going to finish up the honeymoon posts! Our last day in St. Lucia we started the day off with breakfast. After breakfast Sandals took us on a shopping excursion to buy souvenirs. Our first stop was the duty free mall where all the cruise ships come in. There were a few good shops, but most of the stores were jewelry stores. After the duty free spot, we headed to the craft market in Castries. This is where the locals go to sell things. It was anything from t-shirts to handmade jewelry. It was like a huge warehouse with stuff set up everywhere. Each person had their own section of the shelving to display their things.  We found a lot more stuff there, and actually got a better deal because the locals will bargain with you. They said they come out to this warehouse to sell everyday except Sunday. What I found most interesting is that they made so many things out of coconut! Coconut earrings, coconut, bracelets, coconut necklaces, coconut purses, coconut birdfeeders- all from the coconut shell! It's amazing!

These are the two bracelets and earrings we bought at the Market- all made of coconut!

After the shopping trip, we had some lunch and spent our last afternoon by the pool. We had a complimentary photo session with one of the Sandals photographers before dinner. Most of the pictures turned out good, but they wanted almost $10 a picture just to put them on a CD for us. Way to expensive! For dinner we headed over to La Toc again. They were having a Friday night street fair. There was tons of authentic caribbean food and a live band. It was fun, but we left too early because the fire breathers came right after we left! Back in our room, we got all our stuff packed up. We were actually ready to go home. Jason still wasn't feeling that great, and we missed our sweet Daisy Duke and our family. 

On Saturday we were up early getting ready to go. We had breakfast with our new friends who were also headed home. Check out was at 11 then we waited in the lobby for our shuttle to the airport. The ride to the airport was gorgeous. I love all the scenery in St. Lucia. When we got to the airport and got checked in we found out our flight was delayed almost an hour. It was frustrating. It meant longer sitting in the airport and later getting home. Our flight left St. Lucia around 3:40 and we arrived back to Atlanta right around 8:00. Jason's mom and dad came and picked us up, and were nice enough to bring us a burger! After getting Jason's truck from his parents we headed to our new place and back to Daisy! It was probably close to midnight by the time we got in and in the bed, but we were definitely glad to be home and in our own bed! :)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip:

St. Lucia is a gorgeous island. Hopefully someday we will be able to go back!

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