Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Full Day in St. Lucia

On Monday morning we slept in since we were so exhausted from the wedding and traveling. After the breakfast buffet we headed to the pool.

This is the Sunset Pool where we spent most of our time. They had another pool but it was mostly in the shade and not as much was happening there. It is hot and humid in St. Lucia so we could only lay out for a little bit before getting in the water. At 11 the trainer for the resort announced he was starting a water aerobics class at the pool. They call it  "aquacise". So Jason and I decided to give it a shot. It was only 30 minutes put it was tough. We had fun though! I actually really liked it!

This is a picture of another group doing aquacise on Wednesday. We were too lazy to do it that day. :)

We also went down to the beach and rode the aquatrikes on the water. They are these giant tricycles that you peddle on top of the water. It was pretty cool!

After lunch we talked to our concierge and planned out the rest of the week. She took care of all our dinner reservations and set up our snorkeling trip for Thursday. We also signed up for a land and sea tour with Joe Knows for the next day. When we headed in to the room to get ready for dinner we realized our backs were pretty sunburned. I couldn't believe it because we wore SPF 30 sunscreen! I guess being so close to the equator really makes a difference when it comes to sunburn. Jason said we didn't have a good enough base tan!

For dinner that night they had a Caribbean BBQ outside by the pool. The food was really good! Then a reggae band played for awhile. They sounded awesome!

Here is a picture of the beach. The restaurant we ate at the first night, The Pier, is in the picture on the left.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful sunset that night.

Our first full day was great. Up next is the Joe Knows tour!! :)

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