Friday, June 28, 2013

The Story of Scarlett

If you know Jason and I at all, you probably know that we love dogs. We had been talking about getting another puppy since we got married. We considered getting another dachshund but decided on a  bigger dog. Jason always had big dogs when he was growing up. He used to have a Walker Hound, so he was on board when I said I wanted a Blue Tick Hound. We started looking for a breeder around the time we moved into our house and put a deposit on a puppy that was due in March. Unfortunately, this puppy never came to be. After the loss of another litter of puppies due in May, we decided to look for another breeder. We just couldn't find any puppies that would be available before the fall. Then, a friend suggested we look on Craigslist.

We found an ad on a Sunday night for a 4 month old Walker Hound and Blue Tick Hound mix. Jason called about her on Monday morning, and we had an appointment to visit her that same afternoon. It was pretty much love at first sight. She is beautiful and was very friendly and sweet to us. They called her Scarlett, and we decided to keep that name. My mom says we have two southern belles, Miss Daisy and Miss Scarlett.

First Picture
It has been an interesting couple of weeks with Scarlett at our house. We are very used to Daisy, who is already trained. It's been seven years since I've had a puppy. I forgot how high maintenance puppies can be! If I had a dollar for every time I've said "no" to her since she's been home with us, I would have a lot of cash!!

She is a very smart pup though, and she is learning. She has not had very many accidents house, and she almost knows "sit". The biggest problem we've had is her standing up on our kitchen table and countertops! We are trying to teach her that "down" is good!

Jason and Scarlett
Most people have asked us what Daisy thinks of Scarlett. Really, it depends on the day. Scarlett wants to play with Daisy, but Daisy isn't really interested. Daisy is interested in Scarlett's toys though. Daisy has a small chew bone, so we got Scarlett the same one but bigger. Daisy only wants to chew the big one! They have also been fighting over the Kong toy. Jason put peanut butter in it once, and they still fight over it even though all the peanut butter is gone.

Scarlett wants the Kong, but Daisy won't give it up.
We're still getting to know our new pup, but we love her sweet personality.
Here are a few things Scarlett loves:
- her stuffed duck
- treats
- snuggling
- playing outside
- chew bones
On a ride with Jason.

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