Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March Photo A Day

Last week we left for the beach as soon as I got home from work Monday morning, so I never got a chance to post all my photos from the March Photo A Day Challenge!

Here is the list again:

1. Up 
2. Fruit 
3. My neighborhood 
 4. Bedside
5. A Smile: Daisy makes me smile! :) 
6. 5 PM: I spent it cleaning! Here's our nice clean bathroom. 
 7. Something I wore: Nana's butterfly ring
 8. Window
 9. Red: Love this magnet!
 10. Loud: Daddy's birthday celebration!
 11. Someone I talked to today: Jason!
 12. Fork: At Mimi's for Daddy's birthday dinner.
 13. A Sign: We got this for Daisy- She loves to walk!
 14. Clouds
 15. Car
 16. Sunglasses
 17. Green: For St. Patty's Day!
 18. A Corner of our home
 19. Funny: Daisy and her ball- she obsesses over it!
 20. Before and After: All the ingredients for muffins and the finished product!

 21. Delicious: Chips and Salsa! Yum!
 22. Kitchen Sink
 23. Moon: or lack thereof. No moon that night!
 24. An animal: Daisy Duke
 25. Breakfast: Waffle House
 26. Key
 27. My name
 28. Trash (I hated taking this picture by the way)
 29. Feet: I love my lamb slippers!
 30. Toy: Our toys are the computer and the XBox
31. Where I Relax: Our favorite chair!

I decided to take a break for April. I'm looking forward to sharing some of our pictures from the beach though!

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