Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So much to do!

Right now I feel like my heart is about to beat out of my chest! I just scheduled my final 2 tests in order to become a licensed pharmacist. The first one I have known will be June 2nd, the week after we get back from our honeymoon. The other 2 tests I have been waiting to get the okay to schedule from the Georgia Board of Pharmacy. I didn't think I would already have the permission today, but apparently it comes through email not snail mail! I was able to schedule one of the tests for June 17th and the next for June 20th. I'm not sure how long it takes after the tests to be licensed, but hopefully this means I could be licensed by early July. 

I know we have spent the last 4 years preparing for this, but I still don't feel ready! The fact that my job depends on this test is making me very nervous. Now that I know the dates I think I will be more motivated to study though. I know it's happening now. 

On top of all of this craziness, the wedding is in FOUR days! And since today is almost over, it's really in THREE days! I absolutely cannot believe it. It has been a crazy week so far.

Sunday we had a shower given to us by our very sweet Sunday school class. We had brunch, and they gave us a book they had put together with their advice about marriage. I'm so thankful for their prayers and support!

I have also had a review at school this week, which is hopefully helping me prepare for this test. It was all day yesterday, all day today, and takes half the day tomorrow. Tonight, I also had dinner with some friends at the Last Resort Grill in Athens. It was so much fun. And the food was very yummy as always! :)

Tomorrow, after the half day of review, Charles and I are supposed to go on our sibling road trip. Jason went on the trip with his sisters, so we are going on one too, on a smaller scale. We are just day tripping, no time for over night stays at this point! I also have to practice walking in my wedding shoes and practice dancing with my dad tomorrow too!

Thursday is the only day this week that I don't have the whole day already planned. Jason and I are making dinner for our sweet friends the Grants. Sherry just had surgery to remove breast cancer and is still recovering. The rest of the day will probably be used to do last minute wedding things and maybe try to move a few more of my things. I really haven't had time to move much of my stuff down to the basement yet. But I guess that doesn't necessarily be done before the wedding. We will probably have more time when we get back from the honeymoon. Oh I guess I also need to pack for the honeymoon on Thursday too! There's just so much to do. In hindsight, I think doing all of this in such a short time frame was probably not the wisest decision, but we're going with it and it will be fine.

Friday, Mom and I are getting our nails done, I'm getting my hair done in Athens, and then we have the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Kristen and Lilly, my wonderful bridesmaids, are going to spend the night since we will have to get up so early on Saturday to start getting ready. I can't believe it's time for the wedding already. The last 30 days have gone by so quickly!

Saturday, we will be married! YAY! :) Then Sunday morning we are headed to St. Lucia. I cannot wait. I feel in dire need of a vacation right now. It will be so nice to just relax and not have to do anything! :)

Can't wait to marry him! :)

4 days until MRS. ELLIS!!!!!

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