Monday, May 9, 2011

Kristen Kinamon, Pharm.D

Or technically you could call me Dr. Kinamon... But no pressure or anything! 

Saturday was my graduation from the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy. Friday night we had a senior banquet to celebrate and give out some awards. Then Saturday was the big day!

After six long years of school, I am so very glad to be graduated. It still does feel a little bit surreal. I don't really feel any different today than I did last week. Also the fact that we still have to take the boards and get licensed which means there is still studying to do doesn't really make me feel very done with school just yet. 

So Saturday we got up early to head to Athens. Graduation was on the volleyball court in the Ramsey Center. Charles and Jason's parents met us there. Then I had to put on my cap and gown. Honestly the gowns were a little ugly. Apparently the pharmacy school color is a nasty green so it looked weird on the black. After getting the cap and gown on I had to go back stage to get in line in alphabetical order (hopefully my last line ever!). We waited for what seemed like forever before we finally went in and sat down. Luckily I'm in the middle of the alphabet so I got to watch all the people in front of me so I would know what to do! The dean and our class president gave their addresses then the name calling began. We got a certificate, then we all got hooded. At a graduate school graduation you get hooded. Then we all shook hands with the dean and had our picture made. There are only 121 people from my class that graduated. I'm so glad it was a small number. I can't imagine having to graduate with all of UGA! 

After taking a bunch of pictures we all went to lunch to celebrate!

Getting the gown on

Walking in

Me and Jason

With the future in laws


With the fam :)
Overall, a good day :)

So now we are down to one countdown:

12 Days until Dr. Ellis!! :)

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