Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We So Excited

I have great news! Yesterday, I was offered a job at the clinic where I am on rotation now. They have several clinics and a few have pharmacies. The one in Lavonia, Georgia has a pharmacy but no pharmacist. So they offered me the job. I of course accepted. Because it's a clinic, they have regular doctor's office hours so I will not have to work til 9 or 10 at night which is awesome. Probably the latest I would be there would be 7. Also, this particular clinic is only open two days a week. It's a part time gig with the possibility that in the future the clinic may be open 3 or even 4 days a week. But for now, I'm content with 2. I am so very thankful for this opportunity. I will probably be making exactly the same as I would have made doing a residency but will only work 2 days a week instead of all 7 days! God was definitely watching out for me. I know this is a God thing because when I got my original list of rotations this rotation was not included. I was actually supposed to be somewhere else for these last 5 weeks. That preceptor backed out last semester and this was my new assignment. And now God has given me the opportunity to be a pharmacist without having to work nights or weekends! I'm so happy about that! Now I will be able to eat dinner with Jason every night and have weekends off with him and our families. I have always said I wanted a cushy part time job, and I think that's what I got! I am so relieved that Jason and I are not starting our lives together unemployed. Apalachee Construction, Jason's company, has been very busy lately (which is a good thing of course!) and now I will be bringing some income to the table as well. Tomorrow is my last day of school (YAY!!!). Next week, I will start working at the clinic in Lavonia. I will be working there and training with another pharmacist until I get my license in June or July. So excited!!! :)

It's so hard for me to believe tomorrow is my last day of school ever. I don't feel like I'm really ready to be a grown up, but I guess I am! And closer to graduation means closer to the wedding :)

Mom and I have a busy day planned on Friday getting wedding things taken care of! I am having the final fitting for my wedding dress and hopefully bringing it home on Friday! Then we have some errands to run to pick up some things for the wedding reception. It's getting so close. I'm so much looking forward to having it behind us and relaxing in St. Lucia on our honeymoon!! 

1 more day of free labor
17 days until graduation
31 days until the wedding!

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