Sunday, April 6, 2014

Scarlett's Birthday and Snow

So, I started writing this post way back in the beginning of February. But, life happens. The last two months have absolutely flown by! 

At the end of January, we celebrated sweet Scarlett's first birthday! On her first birthday it snowed. She had a great time playing in it.

Scarlett's one year photo

First snow of the year, on Scarlett's birthday
A couple of weeks later, it snowed again! One snow is unusual down here in Georgia, so we were definitely surprised to be getting more. Even more snow came down this time and it stuck around longer too. Of course both of these snows occurred on my work week. I am fortunate to have Jason who not only has four wheel drive, but also has experience driving in snow and ice! He was able to take me to work each night and bring me home each morning. I didn't have to stay at the hospital like many of my coworkers.

Second snow- You can see there is a lot more on the ground!
It certainly seemed like a long, cold winter this year. We are looking forward to warmer weather!

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