Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our First House

In the months before Jason and I got married we made the decision to move into my parent's basement apartment after our wedding. We weren't sure if either of us were going to have jobs, so it was the best option. After I started my full time job around this time last year, we started talking about purchasing our first home. 

In January of this year, we began our search. At first we were just getting an idea of what we wanted.
We decided we preferred a two story, and we wanted it to have a basement.
We looked at all kinds of houses, but we were having trouble finding the right one.
In June, we looked at our first new construction. And we loved it.
It seemed like more house for less, and it would be brand new!
Unfortunately, someone else got that one.
We thought we were back to square one, 
but then the builder offered to build us the same house for the same price.

We decided to build the house. We love the floor plan and building would allow us to pick out everything and even make a few changes to make it even better!

First, we had to choose the lot. We choose one on the edge of a cul-de-sac.
Our Lot
Later, we went back to choose things like brick, paint colors, tile, countertops, cabinets, etc.
When we got back from our Maryland trip, the lot had been graded.

After grading came the footings and the foundation.


Jason and I in front of the foundation
When we left for the beach, they had graded the lot again but still hadn't done any framing.
They had most of the framing done by the time we returned!

Next came the roof and the windows.

Then the brick and siding went up.

Next came the paint.

Finally, things really started coming together.
The house got shutters and a garage door.
Landscaping was done after the driveway was poured.

The new front door was put in and painted along with the shutters and garage door.
Then the columns on the front porch got put up. 

Final Product
Last week we did our initial walk through and inspection. 
Building this house has brought about a roller coaster of emotions. 
It's exciting to see it get started and watch it come together.
It's frustrating when something doesn't look like you thought it would.
Dealing with the mortgage company has been really frustrating too.
It's also a little scary. There's so much that goes into owning a home. 
Change and the unknown always scare me a little.
There have been so many times over the last five months that I have wondered if this house would ever be ours.
But today, we finally closed. And now the house is ours!
Now it's time to move in and get settled!

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