Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with family and friends. 

Jason went to Florida with his dad and brother-in-law on a fishing trip.
They left on Friday and went out on Saturday morning.

Jason and his dad
They caught several trout and a few bull sharks.

While Jason was gone, I went shopping with my mom, went to a birthday dinner with friends, and had a Saturday to just chill.

Jason got back late on Saturday night. 
Sunday morning we watched church online, then had lunch with Jason's parents.
After lunch we went to the park for a first birthday party!

The birthday girl with some of her gifts.
Because the party was at the park, we took Daisy with us. Miss Lexi loves dogs!

Playing with Daisy's ball
They even took a short ride in the new wagon!
The party was a lot of fun, and Daisy got completely worn out chasing a ball.

These are the outfits Mom and I picked out for Lexi. Super Cute, right?
On the way home from the party, we stopped and picked up our pumpkin. With the weather today and the pumpkin it's starting to really feel like fall.
It's time to start pulling out the chili and chicken and dumplins recipes.

It was a wonderful weekend.
I'll leave y'all with a picture of Daisy in her Halloween costume.

She's a bumble bee!
What do you think?

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