Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have noticed a lot of my Facebook friends are posting something they are thankful for each day. I think this is a wonderful idea! I know so often I get caught up in the one or two things that don't seem to be going my way that I forget how many things I have been blessed with. There is so much to be thankful for! I want to list 15 things I am thankful for on this post, then I will post 15 more next week around Thanksgiving!

1. I am thankful for my gracious God who gave His precious and perfect son, Jesus, to conquer death so that I can have a relationship with Him. God has shown me so much love, mercy, and grace that I do not deserve. I am so very grateful!

2. I am thankful for my sweet husband, Jason. Jason loves Jesus and people! He is continually challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and think outside the box. I am truly blessed that God brought us together, and I am super excited about our first holiday season as a married couple!! :)

3. I am very thankful to finally be done with school! Six years of college was a little bit long for me, but I am grateful to live in a place with the opportunity for education.  Now I am Kristen Ellis, Pharm.D. 

4. I am so thankful for my wonderful brother, Charles! Charles is the best brother ever. I am so grateful that God placed us in the same family. I have never understood those who do not get along with their siblings. Charles is one of my closest friends! He has always been a person I can go to for sound advice. 

5. I am thankful for my amazing parents. When I was growing up, I often did not appreciate my parents or their rules. But now that I am a grown up and more mature, I am so glad that they raised me the way that they did! They have taught me so much. I am thankful to them for teaching me about the love of Jesus and instilling in me good values and work ethic. I am so glad to have their unconditional love and support. They are an example of true love for the Lord, for each other, and for their children. 

6. I am so incredibly thankful for all the years I had growing up with my sweet grandparents, Nana and Papa. They are so special to me and made such a difference in my life! They also taught me so much about loving the Lord and loving on people. Their 62 year marriage is an incredible example of true love and commitment! 

7. I am thankful for my dog, Daisy Duke. She is a sweet girl. I love that she is always happy to see me and greets me with a wagging tail and kisses. I love that she takes walks with me around the neighborhood. I love that she is a snuggler! And she is the most beautiful dog ever, of course :)

8. I am thankful to have a job. God has blessed me with a wonderful work opportunity. Jason and I are so grateful for His provision for us! I am looking forward to starting my new job on Monday!

9.  I am thankful to have a roof over my head! I am so glad that we have a little basement apartment to call our own. And we are thankful for all of the hand-me-down furniture that fills it up!

10. I am thankful for our wonderful church. Jason and I have finally found a place where we can worship and serve the Lord alongside our fellow Christians! We have really enjoyed meeting so many new friends through Sunday school and our small group. We are working with the youth and enjoying them as well! I am especially thankful for the pastor and his wife who have been so sweet to Jason and I!

11. I am thankful for all of the wonderful friends God has blessed me with. Whether I have known them for a long time or just a short while, God has placed some amazing people in my life that I am blessed to call friends! Special shout our here to my sweet friend, Kristen Eleveld!!

12. I am thankful for desserts! I have such a sweet tooth! I pretty much cannot eat a meal without having something sweet at the end of it! :)

13. I am thankful for the beach. I LOVE the beach. The feel of the sand between my toes, the sound of the waves, the breeze, seafood,  the sun on my face, and everything else about it. The beach just seems peaceful to me. It's calming. And it really cries out to me all of God's glory. I look out and all I see is water and waves.

14. I am thankful for my car. In August, I rear ended a giant Tahoe. My little Infiniti of course got most of the damage. For a few days I was concerned that it would be totaled, but it wasn't! It is fixed and good as new! I'm thankful to not have had to figure out what to do about a new car too!

15. I am thankful for my in-laws. Jason's family has been so sweet and welcoming to me! I love having a big family. I have always wanted a sister, and now I have two sister-in-laws. We are also blessed with nieces and nephews and even a great nephew! 

"Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NLT)

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